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This is a very short game I made in Unity. It's based around the scene in Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs, when Mr.Blonde decides to interrogate the cop he has tied up.


A word from the developer

This game is kind of the culmination of 12 weeks of work. I started making games in Unity in February and it was pretty tough! I was learning the program from scratch, along with having to make a game and the art in 10 days or so. As I progressed I started learning more(obviously) and it made the job much easier! When this project came along a few weeks ago, I was feeling pretty pumped because I felt I had more time to experiment. When I was coming up with the idea, there isn't actually much for me to say about it. The idea of doing this scene from Reservoir Dogs just came to me as I was being told about the assignment! Though I do love Quentin Tarantino so that definitely explains why I jumped at this idea.

It took a fair bit of brainstorming to come up with the end result especially the flow of the game. The art style I used was similar to my Citizen Kane game. I liked the idea of using minimalist colours to portray my game. It helped that all of my characters were wearing shirts, so it was easier making them black and white. I ran into a lot of problems throughout making the game, but I eventually found compromises and ways around them. One of my problems was that I had to 3d model for my first person scene, when I really wanted to avoid doing that. I decided to draw 2D art and place it in the 3D environment instead and kept it very open and sparse. I was hoping it would help guide the player to the things I wanted them to interact with. The next section of the game with the ear cutting was tricky, especially with triggers and animation. I learnt a lot from making this and it definitely was enjoyable to make!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the game :)

Install instructions

Download the zip file and extract the contents. Double click the exe file or whichever alternative(depending on what you're using) and it should run.


Reservoir Dogs.zip 54 MB
Reservoir Dogs app.zip 56 MB
Reservoir Dogsx86.zip 44 MB

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